The piano was invented about 300 years ago and at the beginning it was a musical instrument around which the royalty, clergy and high bourgeoisie met for entertainment and leisure moments. Later, in the XIX Century, it became a bit more popular, but it still remained as a luxurious instrument for only the rich. In the XX Century, the megaphone, radio, TV and other modern music suppliers took its place. The piano was left almost only for pianists and/or as a decorative piece of furniture to embellish a place in the house.

From todo-piano.com.ar we are intending to introduce you to an unforgettable and unique experience, such as connecting your children, friends or you to the process of listening to or producing music in you own home…..

Be sure that the piano is an excellent investment from all points of view. Besides gathering the family together, it raises our children’s horizons and makes us, adults, really enjoy life.

Don’t look for a piano in an auction or from a person of your neighborhood, who wants to sell a piano that belonged to a relative with very little use. Hardly ever you will find a piano in good condition. We want to remind you that, differently from the cord instruments, the piano wears away with the passing of time, specially if it has not been periodically regulated or eventually fit.

In our pages, todo-piano.com.ar is offering you excellent pianos at a very reasonable price, with the quality guarantee, sharpened and set in your home. We will also give you more than 1000 free scores and we will provide you with technical online or personal support.

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